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ProjectReactor Security


The project manager is a superuser and has full access to all facets of a project. The other two levels are “client” and “team member”. The difference between a client and team member is that a team member gets to see privileged information (such as time spent on a fixed price deliverable and other budgetary information). The client also gets a subset of editing abilities, particularly with deliverables as we don’t want clients deleting or changing a deliverable once work has been performed against it.

The are 4 security levels, Create, Read, Update, Delete, with Update and Delete implying read also as the user will need to read the item they are updating.

Following are the special case rules.



Only a project manager can delete a phase and its entire contents. Anyone else may only delete empty phases (eg no deliverables or milestones tagged to that phase).

The phase name is considered to be available to all users of the project, as other items (eg milestones) need to be tagged to a phase.

Time Entries

Clients and team members may only update or delete their own time entries that are not tagged with an invoice number.


Clients may only edit deliverables depending on the status. If the deliverable is fixed price, a status of ‘A’ or ‘C’ precludes editing.

Clients may only delete deliverables that have no other items tagged to them (eg time entries, notes or documents.

The deliverable name, status and reference number is considered to be available to all users. This information is required to locate deliverables for timesheets and for tagging documents

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