Deliverables are at the heart of ProjectReactor. A deliverable captures an individual and unique 'want' of the client, expressed in terms the client is familiar with, typically this is what you will be paid for. Following is an example of a deliverable:


Rename Report Items

Expand this to include changing the following: Unit, Short Description, and Text to display in written results. Add the ability to bulk change generic settings.


It is important to express deliverables in the client's terms since each deliverable may need to be approved by the client and ultimately paid for. Deliverables also have the ability to store a client reference number and cost code to allow tracking with the client's internal systems.


A deliverable is not the same as a task, it exists at a higher level. They may appear similar, but the key difference is that a deliverable captures a single 'want' of the customer where a task is a unit of work required to be completed by the project team.


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